Liquid Modernity

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The concept of a different modernity is an original and brilliant idea of the polish sociologist who, since the turn of the millennium, has tried to avoid the confusion surrounding the term "postmodernity" by using the metaphors of "liquid" and "solid" modernity. In his books on modern consumerism, Bauman still writing of the same uncertainties that he portrayed in his "solid" modernity, but in these books he writes of fears becoming more diffuse and harder to pull down. Indeed, they became, to use the title of one of his books, "liquid fears”.

The Market is primarily a group of clients to seduce, they are not people. The seduction game, to have an instant opportunity to consume things and experiences before they go out of date, is the purpose of our consumers’ lives. We are all clients before people.

Why an article about sociology amid Agile theme? We believe that the vision of a Liquid Modernity can give an explication to people expectations, behaviours and probably Agile itself. In a time when projects were more predictable, waterfall would work fine, but in this Liquid Modernity era where unpredictability is the norm, can the classic approach to project management still working?

Antonio Specchia is an Agile marketing practitioner in London. His passion for marketing challenges met the Agile approach and created even more meaning to support business agility.

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