Hire Character. Train Skills.

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In the economics of experiences of the post-industrial era a new being is getting the stage: the Homo Talent, a natural evolution of the Homo Sapiens from competences to attitudes. In the extremely complex scenario where uncertainty is dominant, it becomes even more important to rely on human factors that govern our evolution rather than just account on the know-how. Teams are no longer formed upon just skill patterns but mainly upon personal attitudes and values.

If competences can become easily obsolete it doesn’t happen to attitudes that still the same for long time. They serve as media to understand the environment around us, they drive people behaviours and what feedbacks they expect.

This is the reason why today is getting so much importance to hire upon “who they are” more than “what they know”.

Giorgio Maggi author of “Homo Talent



Lots of times in many different organisations I have heard leaders mention the now infamous phrase Hire for attitude, train for skill made popular by articles on the subject in the Harvard Business Review.

It’s a great thing to aim for but my suspicion in recent years is that we fail to understand what is actually required when we make statements that we prioritise someone’s attitude and potential over current skill set and experience.

In “The Right Mix Of Personalities Can Drive Teams To Great Achievement: The Wrong Mix Can Derail Them” on Forbes Feb 2014, Peggy Drexler highlight the risk of bad hiring process.

You can see many contributes on the theme also The Guardian has an interesting article “Hire Character. Train Skill” by Gbenga Adebambo.




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