Creating integrated project change management

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If we are going to build a culture that supports an Agile approach to working, we first need to clarify what we mean by Agile. Agile is a broad term interpreted differently depending on experience and objectives. This is my view of the key concepts of Agile.

Early delivery of value is core to what makes agile Agile. Any piece of work can be broken into component parts, where each component part creates value, either saving costs, increasing revenue or impressing customers, staff, suppliers or regulators. The core skill to making Agile an effective approach is this ability to break complex pieces of work into a series of outputs, each of which is useful and valuable to the business. Then order the delivery of these outputs so that as early as possible, the business can realise an improvement, or create a benefit that didn’t exist before. The value of this initial output continues to deliver benefits as the next output comes on stream and then the next one.

Projects create deliverables which need to be adopted. When project deliverables becomes normal they unveil their benefits.
Change management activities ensure that those effects are supported.
This involves helping to identify what aspects of work change, to re-design the work encourage to shift into new approaches. 

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