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Agile About Today offers everyone a free space where ideas are shared to enhance Agile culture. The aim is to contribute in building effectiveness in teams and organisations.

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Agile About Today aims to support a sizeable trend towards Agile’s core management principles by encouraging the development of a qualified knowledge and new ideas. We do this by hosting dissertations and generating new approaches to Agile knowledge, with the aim of developing a better Agile. The question is not a case of either or Agile, but rather: how Agile will benefit my organisation?


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Liquid Modernity

The concept of a different modernity is an original and brilliant idea of the polish sociologist who, since the turn of the millennium, has tried to avoid the confusion surrounding the term “postmodernity” by using Read more…

Hire Character. Train Skills.

Intro In the economics of experiences of the post-industrial era a new being is getting the stage: the Homo Talent, a natural evolution of the Homo Sapiens from competences to attitudes. In the extremely complex Read more…

Agile. What is this?

Business Agile. In the era of complexity, unpredictability and increasing rate of change, being able to adapt as a business becomes an essential skill. Business agility describes the collective capabilities to run an adaptive, learning-oriented Read more…

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